General Info

Quarter Note Systems, LLC (QNS) is a full service information technology provider. Specializing in complex website design and development, database web and client/server applications, as well as Local Area Network/Wide Area Network solutions, QNS has a broad range of expertise and experience to deliver quality, innovative, and professional information technology solutions.

With over 15 years of the experience in information technology field, QNS has completed projects for major clients in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, commercial, and non-profit market segments.

QNS has completed large scale, enterprise applications following a full system development life cycle methodology to ensure proper documentation, testing, and validation processes are completed.

By keeping pace with constantly evolving technologies, QNS offers the services, which are required today, and is developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients' tomorrows. QNS has the ability to integrate software and hardware technology experience as well as project management expertise to ensure a total project solution. We are able to coordinate projects produced entirely by QNS, for both new applications and redesigns/enhancements, often on a fast-track basis.

By developing leading-edge Information Technology solutions, QNS aggressively asserts itself by supporting our clients' new processes and approaches. Our scope of capabilities include: Web application design and development, Database application development, n-tier, component based, object oriented application design.

QNS realizes that a successful project depends on people. QNS achieves quality through the coordinated efforts of an experienced and dedicated project team, while working to develop effective, ongoing relationships with our clients. QNS maintains a sizable network of relationships with a wide array of trusted professionals, allowing QNS to scale up resources on demand to meet any size project.

Providing a Quality project is central to QNS's philosophy. Simply stated, Quality Work is fulfilling the client's expectations while working within the established budget and schedule. These expectations may included technical and innovative solutions for many projects.

QNS's approach to providing Quality production, first and foremost, lies in the prevention of errors through a comprehensive understanding of the scope of the project, schedule and client requirements. QNS strives to not just provide an application based on requirements, but also, a solution that meets the client's business approach and vision.

QNS's Quality product is achieved through:

  • Establishing a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and expectations through the QNS proposal
  • Identifying potential problem areas
  • Assigning highly qualified personnel to the project team

"Quarter Note Systems has been a big help to our organization. They helped us take our ideas and make them a reality. They provided meaningful insight and advice to ensure we received the best product to meet both our needs and our budget. In the process of developing our websites, QNS could always be counted on to respond to our requests for assistance in a timely and helpful manner. The work Quarter Note Systems has done for us has made communicating with our members a lot simpler. The work Quarter Note Systems has done and continues to do for us is exemplary."
    Samantha Kutskel,

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