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When websites and Mobile Apps are designed and coded correctly, they can be utilized by people with disabilities. Many website and applications have accessibility barriers that make them difficult or impossible for some people to use.

What is Website Accessibility and why is it so important?

Accessibility is essential for developers and organizations that want to create high-quality websites and web tools, and not exclude people from using their products and services.

Quarter Note Systems can assist you in making sure that your website is accessible to everyone. This is important for the following reasons:

  • Web Accessibility Increases Your Audience and Customer Base.

    In simple terms, if more people can learn about your your product or service, it is possible to sell more of that product or service. If you are a marketer you are probably aware of TAM or "Total Available Market." TAM describes the market opportunity for your product, or service. If more people ,of all abilities, can access your website you will grow your sales.

    The practices that make a website friendlier to people with disabilities also helps other users. Mobile users, elderly users, and users with low-bandwidth connections can all benefit from a more accessible website.

  • There are Financial and Legal Benefits to Web Accessibility.

    As stated above one of the benefits of an accessible website is increased market share and revenue. Another significant benefit comes in avoiding costly legal fees and lawsuits.

    According to the American Bar Association in a recent publication "Since 2018, website and mobile app accessibility lawsuits have made up roughly a fifth of all ADA Title III filings in federal courts, which now consistently exceed 10,000 lawsuits annually". Relatively few or these cases are litigated. Most are settled out of court at significant cost.

  • It's the Right Thing to do, Both Morally and Legally. It can also help your SEO.

    With thoughtful and proper web design, businesses and organizations can have a great impact on the daily lives of people with disabilities who, like everyone else, seek to enjoy the benefits of technology.

    Courts have overwhelmingly ruled that websites are considered places of public accommodation and under Title III of the ADA, accessibility is mandatory for websites that affect interstate commerce and/or fit under 12 listed categories. There are law firms that search the internet for websites that are not ADA compliant and file lawsuits. Settling an ADA lawsuit can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

    Accessibility best practices can also improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and page ranking. Accessibility guidelines require many of the same practices that search engines use when determining page ranking. These practices also make it easier for search engines tio index your website content. We have also heard that Google already has included, or plans to include, accessibility into their page ranking algorithm.

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"QNS's web development team is more than techs and coders. They are creative and stand apart from competitors with similar capabilities. Their website design and development process was considerate of our budget & time frame with extremely positive results. I have utilized their capabilities for our firm,, and referred them to other businesses and non-profits for creating innovative websites and other IT requirements such as Application Development, Network Security Audits, Database Solutions, and PCI Compliance. No referral has been disappointed. Accessibility "after hours" and prompt attention to any unforseen issues are hallmarks of the entire team of professionals at QNS. Their customer service is commendable."
    Elaine Lockard
    Lockard Creative Strategies, Inc.

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